Case Study: How Michigan Medicine Tracks Tissue To Meet Joint Commission Standards While Reducing Costs


University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers (U-M) in Ann Arbor, Michigan is one of the nation’s top medical centers, and was recently named the #6 hospital in the United States according to the 2016-17 Best Hospitals Honor Roll rankings by US News and World Report. As the main medical campus of the Michigan Medicine health system, U-M has an established reputation as a center of cutting-edge research and premier patient care.


With 1,000 patients beds and 54,000 surgeries performed annually, U-M requires to have an efficient and well-organized supply chain in order to keep all of the necessary supplies and implants in stock for all of their procedures. U-M has turned to iRISecure software and smart cabinets from Mobile Aspects to help improve its tissue management practice across its facilities in Ann Arbor. Read more of the case study to understand how U-M experienced the following benefits: