Case Study: Leading Heart Hospital Expands Use Of Supply Automation System From Mobile Aspects To Increase Efficiencies


A leading heart hospital in Texas has expanded its use of a leading supply automation technology to reduce costs and increase efficiencies in its Operating Rooms (ORs). The hospital has been regarded as one of the top cardiology focused hospitals in the state of Texas since it opened over a decade ago. The hospital has been using iRISupply RFID cabinets and inventory management software from Mobile Aspects in its Cardiac Catheterization (Cath) Labs and Electrophysiology (EP) Labs successfully for over 10 years. The system has been providing automation of the supplies and implants that the Cath and EP labs have been using by interfacing with the electronic medical record and materials management systems at the hospital. Read more of the case study to understand how this hospital is bringing tangible efficiencies to its supply management processes.