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To our valued partners and interested clients looking to gather more information.  
Our winter season has been busy seeding the industry with information to tackle the spring and summer flying seasons.  We have been to mining,  engineering and construction shows.  The interest in UAV solutions continues to expand and become a normal day to day operation of many of our partners.  We hope that we can provide timely, accurate and relevant information.  Please always feel free to reach out to Kyle Canning for any personalized conversation about bringing UAV technology to your operations.

Transport Canada Regulatory News

Transport Canada has fully realized the regulations that will allow the safe and legal UAV operations.  Spatial Technologies, together with industry experts and senseFly are fully compliant and able to assist your team to be the same.
All senseFly solutions are fully Transport Canada compliant for Advanced RPAS Operations.  Read more here.  Contact Kyle for more information
We have worked with industry experts to look to ensure our partners are fully familiar with the new rules that will come into effect June 1, 2019.

For a comprehensive FAQ, please read more here

Please see this graphic *courtesy of
eBee most popular commercial fixed wing UAV
Allow us a bit of self promotion.  In Canada, we recognize a similar trend.   This doesn't happen without a superior product, support and service.  Congrats senseFly!  Read more here
Win an eBee X Mapping Drone!!
Enter the eBee Effect Video Contest for a chance to win an eBee X.  Tell a great video story for your chance to win one of three prizes.  c'mon Canada, lets show the world some great production video!.
'Solutions' are hard to come by.  Many UAV manufacturers may have a feature or specification that is attractive.  But having an overall solution, backed up with worldwide service and support in such a relatively young and still developing industry is not common.  When deciding the right solution there are many considerations a professional UAV mapper/operator needs to consider so that their investment in both hardware, software, training is maximized.  Any extended downtime not only affects your ROI, but also your reputation. Investigate below the superior Systems - Sensors - Support offered as as complete Solution
The eBee X offers extended flight times of 90 minutes, restricted space landings, full transport Canada compliance, ease of use and much more.
Check out the complete range of sensors including 3D mapping, thermal and multispectral
Complete and total cost of ownership confidence with senseFly Always-On
Reach out to our support team
Schedule a 30 minute discovery session

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